Diane Turner Jewellery
Hackney, London, UK


Diane creates striking jewellery pieces using precious, base metals and foraged wood. The designs are inspired by the wood's natural grain and colour using the alchemic process of growing the metal onto the wood. The organic characteristics of the wood contrast with the clean faceted edges of the pieces to make bold and robust jewellery that compliments men and women. The wood and the metal exchange characteristics, lending the wood grain to the metal and vice versa. 

Another aspect of the design is the story behind the foraged wood. It could be an 800 year old piece of Bog Oak or an ancient wooden beam salvaged out of the sea from a sunken ship.The pieces remind the wearer of the beauty and precious nature of wood. They also give a sense of the historic and mysterious journey of how the piece of jewellery came into being.  


Photos: Mark Arrigo